November 15, 2014

Xmas comes early ^_^

Gmarket having a sale at the moment so I went on an online shopping spree using all the coupons given by them. I bought this 3 items. It just arrives today.

November 11, 2014

B.Bap, Nu Sentral *TAKE AWAY*

The menu says kimbap is RM5.50 each here

Then I was charged for RM9.50 for a kimbap. Apparently they changed the price but not on the menu and most of the menu they had is all still with the old price. If they had changed the price why don't they remove out the old menu and not give it to the customers. And asked me to cancel my order instead, why would I cancel my order when I already the food that I want to eat. This is my 1st time and how would I know you change price or not. They insist not giving refund back but in the end they gave up and return my RM4. Also there's no Manager at the restaurant and all the staff is male foreigner from the wait staff till the kitchen. When I say foreigner I don't mean they are Koreans here.

The "RM9.50" Kimbap 


So if anyone wants to eat here please recheck and double check the receipt and the menu before paying. Who knows what other item they changed the price on their cash register machine but not on their menu. 

November 10, 2014

October 24, 2014

Food made at home this week

20th October - Made Nasi Lemak for breakfast 

23rd October - Dinner 
Steamed egg

Tteok-galbi I cooked this my own way

Store bought kimchi