Friday, June 20, 2014

Traded the Last Romeo PC of Sungjong for this 2

Bday Gift this year

Hershey's Milk

So in Korea they have this Hershey's Milk which I love so much. Who doesn't when they have cookies and cream flavor milk !! We don't have it here in Malaysia. Then 1 day bam..... We have Hershey's Milk too but it made of Soy Milk =.=* and only 2 flavor which is Choco of course and Mocha. So I bought 1 box but have yet to try it.

cookies and cream flavor

Milk Chocolate Mild it's not sweet just nice 

Malaysian Hershey's Chocolate Soy Milk 

Haul from the Korea Mart

So this all cost me RM73.50, I wanted to buy more but my budget was not to spend over RM100 this time. The item I bought are :-

Omuk (fish cake to be use in tteobokki)

Fake crab (use in making kimbap)

Danmuji (pickled radish to be use in making kimbap)

Dubu (to maybe make doenjang or dubu jjigae later on)

Doenjang paste

Kim (seaweed) sheet for kimbap

Korean sesame oil

Yubuchobap kit

2 can of 식혜 (shikhae) and 1 can of Korean Pear juice

1 box of pineapple cream flvr biscuit

Monday, June 16, 2014

Dubu Jorim n Quail Eggs Jorim (두부조림 , 메추리알 조림)

Made this 2 banchan last week ^_^ Super easy n fool proof even the dumbest ppl who don't know how to cook can excel this for sure.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

CNBlue World Tour Live in Seoul BLUE MOON DVD *Selling*

Am selling my copy of CNBlue World Tour Live in Seoul BLUE MOON DVD so it's unsealed for RM100.00 (including PosLaju). I bought this last month when I was in Seoul. 

If interested please email me at .