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December 27, 2013

Infinite One Great Step Encore in Seoul 28th Feb 2014 & 1st March 2014

Am going !! Bought flight ticket last Sunday morning and accommodation confirmed on Monday morning. Now what's left is to get my hands on the ticket on 16th January 8 p.m KST on Interpark. Am super excited and so hype about this trip. Even though it's a short one and I am broke too cos of this. Since I am flying back to Seoul in April for not so long 11 days holidays which I have plan since August. I bought the flight from MAS thought of taking Air Asia X but after a long taking everything into consideration I decided to just what the heck just get MAS cos am not gonna sit like in a box for 6 hours flight with nothing to do and everything is chargeable in-flight services with Air Asia X when it comes up to the same amount of money spend might as well just take MAS.


  1. hi there... terjumpa your blog while searching for ogs info.. i'm thinking of going too... i need company to attend the concert... going to seoul for the first time...

    1. Hi there.... ^_^ . You have bought your flight tix and place to stay dah ke ? 1st timer cool =) . Sorry for this late respond.